Merciful Light Great God, Thy priest, clothed in a white dress, is lighting a candle in the presence of Thy people, connected with prayer in Thy bosom, in the sacred grove, standing in front of the sacred tree, bringing bread and salt and putting a bunch of pancakes, filling a cup with honey beer — in the name of our life, that is good for Thee.

We are praying to Thee on behalf of Mari people, thanking Thee and loving, — we are asking for mercy, fortitude and well-being. Show us Thy grace — help us to keep peace and help between Mari people and other nations through Thy will and our wanting.

Save us, God!

Kind Great God! Your priest is thanking you for Thou gavest us life on Earth, under bright beautiful Sun, inside abundant Nature, that unites and supports us, and for Thou givest vitality to every new generation.

Save us, God!

Kind Great God! In this place, in Thy bosom, by the sacred tree I am asking with all my soul — strengthen and elevate the spirit of my people, give them the good graces: sanity, light soul and strength.

Help us to continue living in good days, renewing our life, cleansing our thoughts, strengthening our body and soul.

Give us an opportunity to widen the knowledge, given by Thou, to preserve our language, to speak in it, to sing and to dance, enjoying it. Show us the strength of life and gladden our souls with wealth; give us generosity and give us sanity to use Thy grace correctly; please our souls with kindness and mutual understanding.

Forgive our sins and accept the words of love in our pleas; let our prayers be good for everyone who exists.

Halt our malicious tongues with Thy kind word. Grant us sanity to understand rightly, what is good and what is evil, grant us tenacity to overpower this evil. Give us wisdom to speak with a wise one, give us sanity to speak with a cunning one.

Now and in the future protect us from woes, that are above our heads and under our feet. I thank Thee for helping us with Thy holy strength and guarding us on our ways.

Oh, Light Great God. Loving Thee and being glad to Thee, I am praising Thy name. Bowing my head, I hope for Thy grace to our pleas.

Save us, God!

Kind Great God! Let our words, full of love, praise and glory, will exist for all eternity, let them touch and ennoble the soul of every human being.

I am asking for happiness to our fathers-mothers, for respect to the young ones. Give them bread and salt, spiritual strength and honour of any kind. I am asking for health, mental acuity and soul sensitivity to our children and relatives.

Keep peace and unity in our families, multiply and reproduce them; let everyone goes to bed in the evening and gets up in the morning; help a couple to go to bed and become a threesome when they get up; help them to give birth to nine sons and seven daughters, to marry the nine sons and the seven daughters; help them to live, spreading like the morning fog, twittering and rejoicing like swallows.

Thou gavest good life, happy fate and health to older ones, give it to children as well. In witness whereof, I am bowing my head.

Accept our bows and pleas kindly, with love. Help us to live out our days in our native land with dignity and in health, like beads, following one another.

Help us to always live with relatives, staying together, conversing and helping each other, to work together, to eat together and to sing together in common joy. Lead a kind man to us, lead an evil man away from us, ward off a cunning one, protecting us from troubles.

Forgive our misdeeds, whether voluntary or not, if we have committed them; give us mind and foresight to reflect on them, to right the wrongs and not to repeat them again. Grant us health and patience, give us strength to be independent in everything, to think for ourselves, to speak our own language.

Save us, God!

Kind Great God! Let our food will be plentiful. Great gratitude to Thee for there is enough of bread and salt on our table, for Thou feed and water us and give us bodily health. Continue to grant us Thy favour, food and dress, light our destiny and our ways with Thy light eyes; keep us in health.

We are also asking for a plentiful harvest: let nine grains will grow out of one seed sown. Let the footprint of our life among people will be clean like morning water. Give us the purity of thoughts and the righteousness of deeds, strengthen the parts of our bodies with such toughness, which is intrinsic to oak.

Save us, God!

Light Great God! We are simple and obedient folk, we are inconspicuous as if we are hidden by the pall of smoke, and we are asking for peace. We do what everyone needs, we are obedient to secular, state power and to heavenly power, so give us savvy to keep ourselves what we are.

Light Great God — our Keeper and Judge! Give us good life among friends. Grant bright destiny to both those, who are performing the prayer, and all the nation. Guide us on our way until Judgement Day; avert our sins, calm our souls — help us to live a good lifetime. And when the time comes, grant us the grace — to rest in our native land, to lie in it like in a fluff, bypassing the spooky dark and cold. And if we have committed a small sin, if we have committed a big sin — we will humbly accept any Thy punishment.

Keep us, God!

Light Great God — the Fate Holder! We are promising to fulfil all Thy decrees, to preserve Thy world — the nature. For this, bestow unto us physical strength and spiritual strength. Give health and mind to our children, let their souls will be pure, let them grow up, respecting elders, loving younger ones, not forgetting parents, esteeming ancestors and relatives, praising the native land. Let in the future they too will be strong and steadfast, able to defend the Homeland and enjoy labour.

Kind Light Great God, now let us to address Thy divine parts. We are asking of Earth-mother for profit and contentment, for plenty of bread and hay; we are asking of Forest-mother for firewood; we are asking of Water-mother for water and fish. Let Thunder-Lightning will spur sinners and apostates to a righteous life. You all — take care of us, guard our cattle, our harvest, avert hail, late fog and other disasters, help trees, wild animals and birds. The spirit of fire, grant warmth and light to nations, heat their houses, save them from misfortunes.

The guardian spirit of good, protect our house stuff and our cattle, make the life plentiful, keep evil spirits and diseases of all kinds away from our dwellings. Keep us, God!

Light Great God! The young ones, who grow up with Thy names, hoping for the might of Thy spirit, are asking for good life, they are praying to ascend with Thou. And they are also asking that they have a home, a family, dress, food. They need Thy protection, the gift of love. They are bowing their heads and praising Thy holy name while praying, hoping for Thy grace and love. Thy priest is also asking that Thou set them on the right way.

Save us, God!

Kind Light Great God! If I have made my requests ahead of time or belatedly, if I have put them in the wrong place amidst the prayer, if I have said the wrong words, even in this case, without resentment, forgive my sins, mitigate my guilt and make my prayers good.

Keep us, God!

Light Great God! We will endeavor to follow all Thy laws exactly, help us to fulfil our promises. Let our prayers be good for all.

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