03.24.2019 a lection by V. G. Gromoff (candidate of technical science, explorer of Mari language) took place in the restaurant “Mari”(Yoshkar-Ola). A representative of the “Community “Marij Kumaltysh” of Kuzhenersky District visited the meeting. The photos and videos (in Russian language) from the lection are available on our web-site.

The annual meeting of the community “Marij Kumaltysh” of Kuzhenersky District of Mari El Republic took place 01.21.2019. There were present 11 persons (Aktuganoff V. M., Ivanoff V. G., Gerasimoff V. A., Kamenshikoff E. A., Ivanoff A. A., Kalacheff A. I., Nefontoff V. S., Petukhoff E. N., Popoff V. M., Ivanoff V. I., Gorinoff L. I. They discussed current issues and decided:

  1. To request the central religious community “Marij Kumaltysh” to harmonize the organization’s Сharter for further action;
  2. To propose the holding of the general meeting of “Marij Kumaltysh” communities regarding the compliance of the organization’s work with the Charter’s requirements.